Investment Process

The SAF is a collective of members from the Stanford community who come from all walks of life. Our members’ vast experience, business acumen, and varied interests allow us to provide insights across several sectors. As a result, we are sector agnostic but have a preference for technology-led ideas with a strong value proposition and founders with a long-term vision.

Investment Criteria

Generally, our investing members are most interested in startups that could generate venture-scale returns, and they have expressed a preference for companies that meet the following criteria:

1. Europe-based companies whose value proposition is enabled by innovative software or hardware technologies.

2. Companies that are raising no more than €2M.

3. It's not a requirement, but we prefer when one or more investors with relevant domain expertise have already committed capital to the company, or a European-based venture capital firm is involved.

The Process

Step 1

If preselected, a startup will go through an initial qualification by the SAF investment committee. This step may involve email exchanges, or a phone call / video chat / in-person meeting depending on the nature of the opportunity.

Step 2

The shortlisted startup will then be invited to the pitch event. The company presents to SAF members who are interested in learning more about the opportunity.

Step 3

If SAF members are interested in investing in the company, SAF would coordinate with the company to facilitate the connection and the due diligence process, focusing on the key questions identified by the members.

Step 4

Terms discussion and closing. If all goes well, the investing members would proceed to discuss investment terms with the company and work towards closing the transaction individually. If the company has already received a term sheet from a lead investor by this time, the members would often choose to invest under the same terms.