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SAF strengthens Stanford's startup community by fostering a pay-it-forward spirit and building relationships among entrepreneurs, faculty and alumni investors. We leverage the power of entrepreneurship, technology, and business model innovation to serve the Stanford community and society. Our community approach creates diverse opportunities for professional development, mentoring, and angel investing.

“We’re a team with a simple purpose.”

SAF membership is open to all Stanford alumni and affiliates including students, faculty, staff, and parents or spouses of alumni or students.

At the discretion of the SAF Board of Directors, people outside of Stanford who share the interests and objectives of the club may also be granted membership as “non-affiliated” members.
Joel Stratte-McClure
Stanford BA ‘70

Meet one of great angel investor : Joel Stratte-McClure

Stanford BA ‘70, Joel is a journalist/author who has worked for various media throughout the world since he received a masters in journalism from Columbia University in 1971. He currently splits his time between Northern California and Paris and is a member of the Stanford Angels since its inception.

He has met there numerous interesting entrepreneurs and invested in three start-ups (e-Nano, Circul’Egg and xigxag) that he was introduced to during the sessions.
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Some important stuff

Note: SAF aims to provide a forum for interesting early stage companies at a fundraising stage to present. However SAF is not a fund, does not do crowd sourced fundraising, nor does it provide investment advice or recommendations.  Any due diligence, negotiation or investment activity conducted by members or officers of SAF is conducted solely as an individual of their own accord as an accredited investor, not as an officer or representative of SAF, Stanford University, or Stanford Alumni Association. Stanford University and Stanford Alumni Association are not in any way endorsing or assessing the companies or entrepreneurs who present at SAF nor are they involved in SAF members or officers’ individual investment decisions regarding these companies.

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